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Surrogacy for the Global Community

Global Surrogacy

In the 21st Century, words like “Globalism” and the “International Community” are commonly used, whether people view these concepts in a negative or positive light. The reality is that our planet is getting smaller, and people from other countries are interacting more and cooperating with each other. Thankfully, this reality has spread into the realm of surrogacy. Surrogacy has become a worldwide affair, involving people from all regions of Earth. One prime example of this is the story of Sam and John, a gay couple from Paris, France that welcomed their son Valentin through an international surrogacy process. Surrogacy laws in France make it illegal for gay dads to create a family through surrogacy. Because of that, Sam and John had to utilize a fertility clinic in the United States, and a surrogacy agency and surrogate in Canada. Such is the circumstances of modern family surrogacy.

After going through their experience, Sam and John realized that there were no books that instructed them on the process of international surrogacy for a gay couple. They had so many questions throughout the process, and no one to turn to for answers. Therefore, they wrote two books, and used crowdfunding to publish the books for free to anyone that wanted to read them. The first book explains the technical aspects of surrogacy (e.g., how much does surrogacy cost), and details essential concepts in the surrogacy journey. They try to explain the complex intertwining of “law, medicine, social, economic, and third party aspects” are involved in surrogacy. The second book discusses surrogacy through the perspective of professionals. They questioned “scientists, researchers, sociologists, anthropologists, lawyers, private law professors, doctor of legal sciences, doctors specialized in gynecology, doctor professor of ethics, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, political figures, associations, intermediaries, doctoral researchers in theology [. . .], and social scientists.”

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