Recruiting Surrogates For IVF In San Diego CA

Recruiting quality applicants is one of our most important jobs.

Surrogate Mother Referral Program

We have found referrals from experienced CACRM surrogates to be an effective and valuable way to find new gestational carriers.

Our surrogate alumni refer their friends, family members, and colleagues who have demonstrated an interest in helping individuals have a baby through surrogacy. They receive a financial bonus from CACRM after the surrogate candidate has signed a legal contract to proceed with treatment.

These women are excellent candidates because they already have a basic understanding of what it is like to be a gestational carrier, including the requirements, and also have a surrogate mentor in the woman who referred them. Their mentor can answer their questions informally and act as a confidant as they move through the surrogacy process.

Meeting Basic Requirements

Surrogate mothers should be between the ages of 21 and 44 and have had at least one successful, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery, be in good health, not take any medications that could adversely affect the pregnancy and have a BMI (body mass index) under 30. They should also be able to pass a criminal background check and have a stable home environment with adequate support to help them cope with the added stress of pregnancy.

Surrogate Mother in San Diego CA

Online Application

Surrogate mother applicants first complete our extensive online application where we will ask for detailed information on their:

  • Pregnancy and delivery history
  • Contraceptive use and menstrual record
  • Gynecological information
  • General medical and family history
  • Surrogacy experience

We also want to learn about their social and lifestyle habits and employment and insurance status.

The online application is an important evaluation tool that will let us know if they are ready to proceed to the next step, the screening process.

Why Our Surrogates Love CACRM

Best agency! I was a surrogate for this agency and words cannot describe the love Dr Arnold and her staff pour into making families possible! Everything was explained in depth and anytime I had questions, they were answered in great detail. Amazing facility!

– Destine

I am now planning to start my 2nd journey! From intake to delivery Melissa was by my side, a phone call or text away no matter the hour. I received the best care from Marlena and Dr. Arnold as well. …..Even four months post-delivery, I still get checked on!!! I wouldn’t go anywhere else if you are looking for an agency or doctor to help you grow your family!!

– Kim

I am currently a first time surrogate with CACRM and cannot say enough good things about CACRM. Everyone has been AMAZING. They make you feel like family. ….No matter how many questions I had they would be there to help. This agency did an amazing job matching me with the exact couple I dreamed of working with. They know what they are doing and make sure all involved are happy. Having come from another agency to CACRM, I am so happy I followed my gut and made the switch.

– Angela

All of the staff are professional, patient, knowledgeable, passionate, and confident. I would like to recognize Cindy who has supported me from the beginning to the very end and Marlena, who is kind, patient, and thorough. Jannell was amazing! She was very attentive to my needs and was all about my comfort. Dr. Arnold is beyond amazing! Her passion and dedication for her work show through her staff, knowledge of the practice, and compassion. I am proud to be a part of the family and I would recommend CACRM to anyone seeking to become part of something bigger than themselves.


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