International Surrogacy

CACRM provides international intended parents many benefits for their surrogacy journey, including:

About Dr. Lori Arnold

Dr. Lori Arnold’s first surrogacy baby was born 25 years ago to an Italian couple. Since then, we have cared for intended parents from nearly every continent, including Europe, South America, China, the Middle East, and Australia.

Dr. Arnold was raised in southern Europe, northern Africa, and South America and has a special affinity for treating foreign patients who need third-party reproduction. Dr. Arnold has studied French, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic.

Traveling to the U.S. for Surrogacy During COVID-19

In this informative video, Dr. Lori Arnold and Surrogacy Attorney Richard Geisler describe what international intended parents must do to travel to the U.S. for surrogacy treatment and meeting their baby.

California Legal Advantages

International patients will find California to be a favorable legal environment for their surrogacy experience. California is a “Surrogate Friendly” state and issues pre-birth orders through the courts, placing the name of the Intended Parents on the birth certificate. The pre-birth orders allow for all parental rights to be secured before birth for both parents’ names, regardless of gender, on their baby’s birth certificate. It allows you to travel back home sooner without delay on the birth certificate issuance and facilitates a post-birth order if required.

African-American surrogate mother who is part of the surrogate selecting and matching process

American Surrogate Mothers

American surrogate mothers are considered the most highly-qualified in the world and foreign intended parents can feel confident about their choice in a CACRM surrogate mother.

CACRM’s physician-directed surrogacy program thoroughly screens and evaluates all surrogate applicants before matching them with prospective parents. Our surrogates must have an independent source of income and a support network to assist them through pregnancy and delivery. Through many conversations and interviews, we learn their motivations for helping intended parents have a baby. We connect our extensively-evaluated gestational carriers with intended parents who have compatible viewpoints and communication approaches.

We Cater To Your Needs

Communication with you, your surrogate, and CACRM will be seamless, even if you are several time zones away. We have international coordinators fluent in different languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Chinese, and websites in these languages too. We have found that consistent, reliant communication is the key to a successful and productive relationship, and we consider your preferences and requests.

Surrogate and friend talking about international surrogacy

California, USA: Your Surrogacy Destination

Initially, you will be able to arrange the first steps on your surrogacy experience remotely. You will need to visit the U.S. for your IVF treatment and when your baby is born. San Diego is one of the most beautiful parts of the United States.

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