Selecting & Matching Surrogates

CACRM is your bridge for navigating the surrogate journey with you and your surrogate

After our gestational carrier candidates successfully pass the screening and evaluation stages, we focus on matching you with a suitable surrogate.

Matching is one of the most exciting parts of the surrogacy selection process. You will finally be introduced to your special partner to parenthood who will make your dreams of having a baby come true.

The CACRM team excels at this very important aspect of our in-house surrogacy program. We shine at matching parents and candidates whose goals and values are similar. Because we so diligently have screened and evaluated gestational surrogates based on strict medical criteria, we feel confident we can find compatible connections through our customized approach. If challenges arise, you and your surrogate already know each others’ values and agree about how to deal with these exceptions.

Gestational Surrogate Profile

First, we want to ensure you and your surrogate have the same goals and values about the most critical issues affecting your surrogacy experience.

We ask all prospective carriers to complete a gestational surrogate preference form similar to the form you will complete.  They also write a personal essay about why they want to become a surrogate mother and create a personal profile about themselves and their families.

They are also required to complete a multipage questionnaire, medical history, and physical form.

Doctor talking to a potential surrogate about surrogate selecting and matching and physician-directed surrogacy

Preference Forms

Both intended parents and gestational carriers provide us with answers to pertinent questions on the same preference forms. The forms provide an overview of their views on several important issues.

We also urge intended parents to write a message to their surrogate explaining their reasons for using surrogacy and describing their hopes and dreams. Creating an intended parent and surrogate match is both an art and a science.

CACRM strives to unite compatible individuals to help make the surrogacy journey as successful and joyful as possible.

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