Same-Sex Surrogacy

Surrogacy and egg donation with IVF allows same-sex couples to become biological parents and have a meaningful role in their surrogate's pregnancy and delivery.

Smiling gay couple with child who underwent same-sex surrogacy

With same-sex surrogacy, CACRM is committed to making the dreams of a family a reality for all intended parents, regardless of their sexual orientation. We believe everyone has the right to pursue parenthood through IVF, surrogacy, and egg donation. At CACRM, we offer you a supportive environment, access to our compassionate and medically qualified surrogate mothers and egg donors, world-class IVF and surrogacy treatment with high success rates, and a surrogacy-friendly legal environment at our California clinic.

The Surrogacy Process

Same-sex couples undergo gestational surrogacy with an egg donor to have a baby. The surrogate mother carries the child with gestational surrogacy but does not contribute her egg.


Same-sex men go through the same surrogate matching process as other CACRM patients.

Surrogacy Success Rates

Surrogacy success rates for same-sex couples are high. We use extensively screened and medically-evaluated surrogate mothers and egg donors who must meet our high standards. Typically, men who seek surrogacy services do not have any infertility issues or they can use donor sperm.

Love Makes a Family

CACRM offers a supportive environment for all of our patients, including Intended Fathers. We will guide you as you move through the surrogacy journey, including educating you about how we will help match you with the compassionate woman who will be your surrogate mother.

California Legal Advantages

California offers gay same-sex couples many advantages from a legal perspective, including having the fathers’ names listed on their baby’s birth certificate. If you are a single father, only your name will be listed on this document.

International same-sex Intended Fathers will find California a safe and legally secure location for pursuing parenthood.

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