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Carol M.

Dear Doctor Arnold, How can a person properly thank another for helping her have a family? You will always be in our hearts. Thank you so much for our precious Corinne, and now our little Trevor. We were so disheartened after the miscarriages, and you helped our dreams come true. Thanks for listening, for your care and for your gift.

Sarah L.

Dr. Arnold and the whole team, Thank you so much for taking outstanding care of me and setting me on my path to maternity! You are the best! I couldn’t have asked for more. I really appreciate all that you have done for me.

Kathy K.

Dr. Arnold and Staff, We can never thank you all enough for being an instrument to make our dream of having a family come true. Thank you all for the patience, the hard work, the time and the devotion to make all this possible… We wish you all the best and hope you get to help many more couples and families like us. Thank you.

Elizabeth H.

Dr Arnold - I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that I appreciate your willingness to work with us “tough cases”.  I am not sure hear that as often as you should in the throes of treatment. No matter what my body does, you have given me and my husband hope and options, and that means so much. Thank you.

Carmen B.

My experiencia fue extraordinaria. Yo considero al equipo de CACRM como parte de nuestra familia. Yo no tuviese este par de maravillosos hijos sin la ayuda de CACRM y en especial Dr. Arnold. Si alguien esta considerando iniciar esta travesía tan extraordinaria de ser padres, no duden nunca y vayan a CACRM por su seriedad, su gran profesionalidad y extraordinaria respuesta con todas las garantías. Un fuerte abrazo a toda la gran familia de CACRM. Esperamos verlos pronto en España.
Mine was an extraordinarily experience! I have always considered the CACRM team part of our family. I would not have my two wonderful children without the help of CACRM and especially Dr. Arnold. If you wants to initiate the extraordinary journey of parenthood, don't hesitate to go to CACRM for its expertise, great professionalism and extraordinary caring. A big hug for all CACRM. And we hope to see you soon in Spain.


Hay que confiar en la doctora Arnold. Es un proceso complejo, pero la profesionalidad médica y científica, competencia y humanidad de la doctora Arnold y de su equipo es incomparable. Agradecimiento y afecto es lo que puedo expresar. Gracias y espero que muchos más como yo disfruten de los buenos resultados y alegrías que me han permitido tener. Hasta pronto y estáis en mi corazón. Con afecto enorme e inmenso agradecimiento.
One should trust Dr. Arnold. This is a complex process, but the medical and scientific professionalism, competence and humanity of Dr. Arnold and her team is incomparable. I can only express gratitude and affection to them. Thank you and I hope many such as myself, enjoy the great results and happiness that you have allowed me to have. See you soon and know that you are in my heart. With huge affection and immense gratitude.
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