Guide to Finding
Your Surrogate In San Diego

When you are ready to become a parent, we have surrogates ready to become your partners to parenthood.

CACRM prides itself on finding exceptional women to become your surrogate mother. Our surrogates are qualified medically, emotionally, and psychologically to accept the challenges of gestational surrogacy and to become your special partners in helping you create your family.

CACRM is unique among surrogacy providers because we will find your surrogate mother, perform the fertility treatments to create a successful pregnancy via surrogacy, and follow your case during the entire pregnancy and delivery.

Through our streamlined surrogacy program, we recruit, screen, evaluate, select, and match surrogate mothers for our future parents. You do not need to use a separate surrogacy agency or independently match.  We provide fully screened and medically evaluated surrogates and egg donors to minimize time, risks, and costs.

This complex endeavor becomes a simple journey for our Intended Parents.

Taking the First Step on Your Journey

The first step in your surrogacy journey starts with finding the wonderful, compassionate woman who will become your surrogate mother.

Surrogates also are described as surrogate mothers, gestational surrogates, gestational carriers, or carriers.

Finding a surrogate mother involves five components:


Most of the women who become surrogate mothers contact us after learning about CACRM from a friend or family member who has been one of our surrogates. These relationships have enabled them to learn first-hand what being a surrogate mother is like and about the joys and issues the surrogacy experience might bring.


We receive many inquiries and applications from women who want to become surrogates, but first, we must determine whether they should be included or excluded in further phases.

Inclusion criteria are optimal characteristics for every surrogate mother, such as appropriate age, history of healthy pregnancy and delivery, ideal body mass index, and other key factors as recommended in the guidelines of our professional association, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Candidates will be excluded if they do not meet these basic requirements. However, women can reapply later, for example, if they take measures to lower their BMI or sufficient time has passed after their last pregnancy to pursue another one.

Once we determine if the surrogate candidate meets the screening inclusion requirements, the second phase requires CACRM staff members to interview her, conduct a background check, and review her medical records. If the prospective surrogate mother passes these prerequisites, we will talk to her again to explain surrogacy in more detail and schedule her medical and psychological evaluation, the third phase.

Surrogate Mother in San Diego CA


Dr. Arnold will perform an extensive medical evaluation to ensure the surrogate-to-be is physically and medically appropriate to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) and pregnancy.

Our psychologists, who have doctorates in psychology, will complete psychological testing and interviews following the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines to reject or accept the potential surrogate. Surrogacy experts will medically and psychologically evaluate the surrogate applicants.

All potential candidates are required to receive medical and psychological clearance before they are selected and matched with you.


Matching intended parents with their gestational carrier is the most exciting part of the process. We strive to match surrogates and parents who are compatible with each other and have similar expectations for treatment, pregnancy, and delivery, as well as how they will communicate with each other.

We provide parents with potential surrogate profiles and discuss the proposed compensation and our unique all-inclusive benefits package.

At CACRM, not only do we match you with a surrogate mother, but we also facilitate and coordinate care throughout the entire surrogacy experience until you have a baby in your arms.


By the time a surrogate candidate has passed the many rigorous screening and evaluation phases, we are confident she will be a suitable surrogate mother.

To assist you to select the most compatible gestational carrier, you will complete a detailed preference form. All surrogate applicants will answer the same type of questions. You then will receive and select a surrogate profile who agrees with your medical and relationship values.

Become A Surrogate in San Diego CA

CACRM is your bridge for navigating the surrogacy journey.

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