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Who Are Egg Donors?

Egg donors are generous young women between the ages of 18 and 30 who are motivated by their desire to help others become parents. Ideally, candidates should have a body mass index (BMI)  below 30, be a non-smoker, and not have a history of substance abuse.

Donors also appreciate the generous honorarium they receive for the time and effort they spend donating their eggs.

Who Needs Egg Donors?

The intended parent(s) who use your donation will be profoundly grateful for your contribution to their family.

Many of our patients need donor eggs because they are older, have premature ovarian failure, don’t want to pass a genetic disease to their children, or have experienced numerous pregnancy or IVF losses. Same-sex male couples or single males also require donor eggs as part of fertility treatments.

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How do I Become an Egg Donor?

Online application

First, complete a confidential online application where we can learn about your health, fertility, family medical history, educational background, and lifestyle.

CACRM adheres to all FDA, federal, and state regulations for egg donation and the donor identity disclosure law.

Generous Compensation

Your monetary compensation will be tied to the time and effort you invest in donating, and for the physical and emotional demands of the egg donation procedure.

We follow the American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines for donor compensation.

Use the money to pay for school, student loans, going on vacation, or whatever you dream of!

Bonus: We offer a $100.00 bonus for completing the application and donor evaluation.

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Why Choose CACRM?

The California Center for Reproductive Medicine team fully understands the journey inside and out, especially with an all-female staff. Everyone here has been directly involved with egg donation, and we are here to support you. Led by world-renowned fertility specialist Dr. Lori Arnold, our team handles the details every step of the way so that you know you are in good hands.

Let’s Make Dreams Come True Together!

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