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ASRM Praises Senate for Lifting Ban on Providing IVF


Volume 18, Number 22
May 19, 2016

ASRM Praises Senate for Acting to Lift Ban on VA Providing IVF Care to Wounded Veterans

Today the U.S. Senate voted 89-8 to pass HR 2577, an appropriations measure funding Transportation-Housing and Urban Development and related agencies. The bill was combined with a measure to also fund Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, which included a provision giving the Department of VA the funds to begin providing IVF services to wounded veterans in need of assisted reproduction. Senator Patty Murray, the champion of the IVF measure spoke on the Senate floor earlier today.

The House also today approved its version of the Military Construction-VA funding measure, HR 4974. The House version does not contain the provision allowing coverage of IVF, so we will be working to ensure that when the House and Senate work to reconcile differences between the two measures, the IVF provision remains intact.

Next week, ASRM will be calling on its members to connect with their Members of Congress in support of the IVF provision. For now, we applaud this monumental bipartisan vote in the Senate.

ASRM sent the following press release today.

Statement attributable to Owen K. Davis, MD, President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

“We are thrilled the Senate voted overwhelmingly today (89-8) to take care of our wounded veterans and provide them access to the care they need to build their families.

The ban on the Department of VA covering IVF services is outdated and cruel. By voting to lift the ban on IVF, the Senate has moved our country one step closer to fulfilling its promise to take care of our fighting men and women when they return home. Modern medicine cannot undo their wounds, but by lifting the ban on IVF treatments, we can at least deploy our best tools to help them.

We applaud Senator Kirk, Senator Collins and Senator Murray for their strong bipartisan leadership on this issue, and thank Senator Murray for her remarks on the Senate floor today highlighting the importance of this significant vote.

ASRM looks forward to working with our partners in the patient and veterans communities to ensure this measure passes in the House and becomes law.”

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