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Increase Your Chances of Live Birth With Use of Frozen Embryos

A new study suggests that frozen embryos lead to more live births than fresh embryos.

There is a significant increase with women staying pregnant who use frozen embryos versus the use of fresh embryos.

Los Angeles Times
Science Now
August 10, 2016


In IVF, frozen embryos may lead to more live births than fresh embryos

Most women who do IVF are impregnated with a fresh embryo. However, a new study suggests that using a previously frozen and then thawed embryo may have a better success rate.

In a randomized trial of 1,508 women undergoing IVF for the first time, the researchers found that 49.3% of those who used frozen embryos gave birth to a baby, compared with 42% of those who used fresh embryos.

The work, led by Dr. Zi-Jiang Chen of the center for reproductive medicine at Shandong Provincial Hospital in China, was published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

More than 5 million people worldwide got their start in life thanks to in vitro fertilization, according to the study authors.

The process begins when doctors harvest eggs from a woman and mix them with sperm to create a fertilized egg, or zygote…


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