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Costs of Surrogacy

Couple discussing the costs of surrogacy

What does surrogacy cost? This is one of the most common questions we are asked when intended parents inquire about the surrogacy process.

If you have not explored surrogacy services before, you may not be aware of what is involved in this multi-step process. Knowing about the different types of costs in the surrogacy journey will help you prepare better for your future journey.

Here is a breakdown of the most important categories of costs:

Fees for finding, screening, and evaluating your surrogate

CACRM has a physician-directed surrogacy program. We differ from most surrogacy providers because we provide a suitable surrogate mother who is medically and psychologically screened to be your gestational carrier. We also perform a criminal background check and thorough medical records review. Learn more in our Guide to Finding Your Surrogate.

Surrogate mother compensation

Surrogate mothers are compensated for their time and effort in becoming pregnant as well as for the pregnancy and delivery of the baby. Base compensation will increase for second or third-time surrogates.

Surrogate mothers are compensated in addition if they carry multiples or have a Cesarean section. Also, they are compensated for lost wages if they are ordered on bed rest by the physician during pregnancy or for delivery-related reasons.

Legal expenses

You are required to have an attorney to draft and execute legal documents between you and your surrogate. You will be responsible for both parties’ legal fees. You also will need to cover the legal and court fees for the pre-birth order.

Insurance costs

Your surrogate mother will require health insurance for her pregnancy and delivery expenses. Intended parents, especially those from another country, will also need a health insurance policy for their newborn for any time the baby spends in the hospital after being born.

As required by the legal agreement between the intended parents and surrogate mother, intended parents also must purchase a life insurance policy for their surrogate mother.

These costs are all-inclusive in the initial quote provided. CACRM provides personalized financial consults to help prepare you.

IVF/embryo transfer

As an intended parent using your eggs or those of an egg donor, you will undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) to create your embryos and subsequently transfer them to your surrogate mother.

Other outside provider costs for treatment may include:

  • Costs for an egg donor and evaluation
  • Diagnostic fees
  • Pharmacy costs for medications for both IVF and the embryo transfer
  • FDA coordination and eligibility fees

Other expenses

  • Travel expenses for both the surrogate mother and intended parents
  • Trust account management
  • Counseling services

Our financial manager will be happy to provide additional information about the details and specific costs for your surrogacy process at CACRM and what to expect as you embark on your journey.


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