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Surrogacy: What to Consider

Mother with baby conceived via surrogacy, what to consider

Some intended parents and fertility patients find themselves discussing surrogacy at some point on their journey toward parenthood. While it can be an intimidating subject it is a unique process that offers many benefits and a few challenges that are important to understand and take into account when making your decision.

Is surrogacy right for you?

The team at California Center for Reproductive Medicine (CACRM) wants to help you learn more about surrogacy. These are just a few of the important factors to consider:

  • Biological or adoptive parent
    Gestational surrogacy is a unique and popular way to have a biological child when pregnancy just isn’t an option. In gestational surrogacy, the intended mother’s egg is fertilized by the intended father’s sperm (or sperm donor) and then transferred to the surrogate mother for implantation. Surrogacy is an intentional process in which all participants are working toward a common goal. Additionally, when at least one parent is biologically related to the child, it can help simplify the legal process and allow you to be more involved during the pregnancy.
  • Cost of surrogacy
    Surrogacy often requires a larger upfront investment than other ways of conceiving (e.g., artificial insemination, IVF or adoption) as a result of the embryo transfer process and surrogate compensation.
  • Wait time
    Today, there are many women interested in becoming a surrogate for intended parents. At California Center for Reproductive Medicine (CACRM) we have a unique doctor-driven Surrogacy Program in which we hold a considerable database of potential
    available surrogate mothers. This means you are matched with a fully vetted, healthy surrogate, quickly.
  • Matching process
    At CACRM, our surrogates are thoroughly evaluated for physical, mental and emotional health by in-house physicians. We are committed to providing you with the best surrogate match to help you achieve the family of your dreams.
  • Screening and prenatal care
    The surrogacy process at CACRM begins with a thorough medical screening of all potential surrogates. We also provide high-quality prenatal care to the surrogate throughout her entire pregnancy. This helps protect her health and the health of the baby.

If you would like to learn more about the CACRM surrogacy program, contact Dr. Lori Arnold at 877-369-2505. She’s assisted thousands of individuals and couples achieve their dreams with our unique doctor-driven Surrogacy Program.

Surrogacy Resources

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