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Learn how surrogacy and egg donation can help you fulfill your dream of a baby.
Telemedicine surrogacy consultations

Your All-inclusive Resource for Surrogacy, Egg Donation and IVF

If you’ve been considering surrogacy to create your family, you’re reached the right center. There are many reasons for surrogacy to have a baby and we are here to help.

The California Center for Reproductive Medicine (CACRM) in beautiful Encinitas, California, is a unique surrogacy provider.  We:

  • Find your surrogate mother
  • Match you with an egg donor, if you need one
  • Perform the fertility treatments to create a successful pregnancy and
  • Follow you and your surrogate during the entire pregnancy and delivery.

We strive to make your surrogacy journey as smooth and streamlined as possible.

We Have Qualified, Compassionate Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors Ready to Match With You!

Read about how we recruit, screen, evaluate and match you with our exceptional surrogate mothers at our Guide to Finding a Surrogate.

Read about how we find, screen, and evaluate egg donors here. 

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Guide to Finding Your Surrogate
Telemedicine surrogacy consultations

Select the Best Surrogacy and Egg Donor Program for Your Future Child

Our unique physician-directed surrogacy and egg program offers unparalleled excellence. CACRM has its own in-house surrogacy and egg donor program directed by our double board-certified Medical Director, Dr. Lori Arnold, who is considered a world-renowned expert in the field. Our fertility specialists are involved from the very beginning until the end when you have a baby in your arms. We treat intended parents, egg donors and surrogates with competent and compassionate care. We’re here to ensure the best interests of all parties involved in third-party reproduction. Our egg donors and surrogates are screened and medically evaluated before you are matched and sign a retainer.

Our Success Speaks for Itself: 5000 Children and Counting

Considered one of the best surrogacy and egg donation programs in the world, CACRM has helped over 95% of its patients become parents and is honored to have assisted would-be parents from the United States and globally. Our experienced, compassionate clinical team, state-of-the-art facility, and utilization of the most advanced reproductive technologies all contribute to our successful record.

Our greatest accomplishment, however, has been the role we have played in the creation of over 5000 children, some of whom are now young adults.



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We use multiple teleconference platforms. During a COMPLIMENTARY telemedicine surrogacy consultation,  Dr. Lori Arnold, our medical director, will review your medical history and describe how surrogacy will help you build your family.

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