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The Advantages of CACRM’s Physician-Directed Surrogacy Program

Doctor talking to a potential surrogate about surrogate selecting and matching and physician-directed surrogacy

Our Medical Director, Dr. Arnold, realized the need to develop a better model for coordinating the surrogacy experience for her patients. As a result, she created CACRM’s surrogacy program to improve successful births of healthy babies.

CACRM is one of the few IVF clinics in the world that has an in-house surrogacy program. We have the resources to create this unique surrogacy experience for our patients.

Why Use a Physician-directed Surrogacy Program

Physician-directed surrogacy simplifies and streamlines the process

Many Intended Parents find a surrogate through a surrogacy agency, often owned by former surrogacy patients or surrogate mothers, or by conducting their own search and matching independently. If they’re currently not a patient at a fertility clinic or want to find a new provider, they also need to find an IVF doctor who specializes in surrogacy and an IVF center. If they need an egg donor, they may have to use another agency. Intended Parents can avoid this time-consuming process at CACRM. Our program is a surrogacy and egg donation program within our fertility center.

A physician directs the selection of your surrogate

Dr. Arnold, a double board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, supervises the selection of your surrogate. She performs and coordinates a rigorous medical and psychological evaluation of all surrogate mother applicants. Surrogates must obtain clearance before they are selected and matched with our intended parents. Only a small percentage of candidates qualify and meet our high standards for screening and evaluation.

A surrogate candidate is not matched to you until she has passed our medical evaluations. Our surrogates are ready to accept the challenges of gestational surrogacy and become your special partners on your path to parenthood.

You will receive comprehensive coordination and supervision

Your entire surrogacy journey can be coordinated in one location by one team of professionals led by one of the country’s foremost physician surrogacy specialists.

Providing fully screened and medically evaluated surrogates and egg donors will save you time and money and minimizes your risk. As a fertility clinic, we perform all the diagnostic and treatment procedures such as in vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) to achieve a successful surrogate pregnancy.

After your surrogate is pregnant, we will communicate with her obstetrician until delivery and monitor the surrogate’s care.

We provide clinical guidance from start to finish

We will guide you from the start of your journey until you finish with a baby in your arms. CACRM staff members treat intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors with expert and compassionate care and are available to ensure the best interests of everyone involved.

Our experienced clinical team, state-of-the-art laboratory, and utilization of the most advanced reproductive technologies all contribute to our successful record.

Ideal for intended parents who don’t have a previous relationship with a fertility clinic

If you are an Intended Parent, most likely you will need to find a fertility clinic. With CACRM, you will not need to conduct a separate search for a provider.

Most intended parents are new to surrogacy, so the decision-making process can seem overwhelming.  We help take the complexity out of what can be a long journey with many providers and steps. We have found a physician-directed surrogacy is the best method to overcome this. At CACRM, our goal is to streamline the entire progress for you.




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