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Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate

In Shalayne Pulia’s article “I Was a Surrogate and This is What It’s Really Like”, she highlights her interview with Tiffany Jordan, a mother who has completed two surrogacies (one boy and a set of twins) in the past three years. The article discusses many aspects of the surrogacy process and delves into Ms. Jordan’s honest perspective on what a surrogate faces. Ms. Jordan began her first surrogacy when she was 23 years old (one of the youngest in her agency’s surrogates group). She shares how her family wasn’t very accepting during her first surrogacy, but became very supportive during the second.

Become a surrogate

In addition, they discuss the process that Ms. Jordan went through to become a surrogate. She details the process on how to become a surrogate starting with a simple Google search of surrogacy agencies, the numerous initial applications to surrogacy agencies (big and small), and the more detailed application and vetting of her medical records. Surrogate mother requirements are required before becoming a surrogate so they know the physical and psychological struggles they will face during pregnancy. Interestingly, surrogates get to match up who they will be surrogates with to make sure the preferences and viewpoints are on the same page.

The interview also touches on topics of costs and compensations. All medical bills and procedures are fully covered and not paid by the surrogates. Surrogates even received an allowance to purchase maternity clothes. Compensation (which can range from $18,000 to $70,000) is divided into 10 monthly payments. But, beyond these logistical facts, Ms. Jordan described the human element. How she views surrogacy as “extreme babysitting” for the parents, and how the thing she misses most from the process is the daily updates/interactions she has with the parents. Ms. Jordan had the pleasure of sharing the gift of life with two families. She explains that she gets “to watch this overwhelming love come over them. It is the most addicting high that you could never get. I would do this a million times if I could.” She still keeps in contact with the families through phone calls and video messaging sessions. A great story for a great process.

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