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New Parents Benefit of Corporate America

Parenting in Corporate America

In Today’s Corporate America, there is definitely a Battle of Benefits going on between some of the world’s top companies. Gone are the days where potential new hires swoon over the base salary amount being offered. Now, companies are seeking to attract new employees and retain current employees by offering comprehensive benefits packages to stay competitive in today’s strong job market. In Newborn Advantage’s article “Surrogacy benefits – New Corporate Perk”, it dives into this discussion focusing on how some of the biggest companies have tried to bolster the benefits it offers to it’s employees. For example, the article cites a recent announcement from IBM, which is now offering all its employees up to $20,000 for surrogacy expenses (whether the employee is in a same-sex or straight relationship, or single).

However, this Battle of Benefits between big corporations has been going on for some time. Just last year, in April 2016, Ernst & Young (EY) began offering $25,000 for fertility, surrogacy, adoption and egg freezing services. And later that year, American Express provided its employees with 20 weeks of paid family leave for new parents, and up to $35,000 to pay for surrogacy or adoption expenses.

Tech Companies Leading The Way

These types of benefits for new parents (whether through biological, adoptive, or surrogacy means) seems to be the new trend. Deloitte is offering 16 weeks of paid family leave, and $25,000 in adoption and surrogacy expense reimbursement. Apple and Facebook provide financial assistance for freezing eggs. Adobe, Bank of America, Google, Microsoft and IKEA are all offering extensive family leave benefits for biological and adoptive parents. Amazon provides 5 months of paid family leave, and an adoption assistance program. Pinterest provides $5,000 in adoption reimbursement, $20,000 for surrogacy/fertility expenses, 16 weeks of paid family leave, and 4 weeks for transition. Netflix has even rolled out a dramatic benefit, the unlimited paid leave, where employees can take as much time as they need when they become a new parent.

Thankfully, for all the new parents out there, this Battle of Benefits seems to be the way of the future.

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