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December 22, 2022
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Corporate Surrogacy Benefits

Woman sipping coffee at StarBucks, which offers surrogacy benefts.

This blog is one of a series we are writing to help Intended Parents understand the costs of surrogacy and financial resource options

Companies Offering Surrogacy Benefits

Offering surrogacy benefits has many ‘benefits’ for employers.

Many large corporations now provide financial assistance for surrogacy and other family-building services. These businesses understand that offering surrogacy benefits is ‘good business,’ helping them attract and retain qualified employees, especially women and LGBTQ individuals. ARC Fertility, a fertility benefits organization, reports that employees receiving these types of benefits experience greater work satisfaction, feeling their employer cares about their well-being.

We encourage CACRM Intended Parents to investigate if they can use corporate surrogacy benefits to help pay for the cost of surrogacy.

The Surrogacy Benefits Trend

According to a CNBC article from March 2022, corporations are increasing their fertility offerings:

As of 2020, more than two-fifths (42%) of large U.S. employers — those with over 20,000 staff — offered coverage for IVF treatment, while almost one-fifth (19%) offered egg freezing. For smaller companies with over 500 employees, those figures were 27% and 11%, respectively.

While this article does not specify how many employers offer surrogacy benefits, we are aware of the following companies providing monetary compensation for surrogacy services: please confirm with your HR Department if you are an employee of the following companies that offer surrogacy coverage


The next time you go to Starbucks, the barista serving you coffee may be working there because of the surrogacy benefits Starbucks gives to employees, including those who work part-time. Starbucks’ website describes Family Expansion Reimbursement of up to $10,000 per adoption, surrogacy, or Intrauterine Insemination for eligible partners.

American Express

As part of an improved benefits package introduced in 2017, American Express gives eligible full and part-time employees $35,000 towards surrogacy expenses up to two events per employee. They also offer a lifetime maximum of $35,000 for reproductive and fertility treatments and 20 weeks of paid parental leave.

Bank of America

If you are a Bank of America employee, you can bank on receiving $20,000 for surrogacy, adoption, or fertility services through the Bank’s Family Support Program.


Pinterest offers $20,000 in surrogacy assistance and up to four cycles of IVF.

The Walt Disney Company

Working at Walt Disney may feel like the happiest place on earth for those who need surrogacy to build their family. For certain surrogacy services, Disney offers up to $75,000 (lifetime maximum).

If you know of other companies offering surrogacy benefits, please let us know!

Ask Your Employer for Surrogacy Benefits

Many companies look for feedback about the type of benefits employees want. We suggest talking to your company’s Human Resources or Compensation professionals to see if they would be willing to add this resource to the benefits package.

Also, discuss if staff members can use general fertility, IVF, or other family-building benefits to pay some of the medical expenses of your surrogacy journey.

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