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Facts and Myths about IVF/ Surrogate Cycles

Happy young couple with a baby created via IVF and surrogacy

The number of IVF/ Surrogate births in the United States has increased yearly over the past several years, especially since assisted reproductive techniques using in vitro fertilization have become well-known to the public. News stories about celebrities and non-famous people who have used surrogacy have also helped increase awareness about this family-building technique.

Even with more publicity, members of the public still are not that familiar with the assisted technology used for IVF/ surrogacy. They may have misconceptions or believe some of these more common myths about surrogates. We would like to set the record straight with facts and myths about IVF/surrogate cycles.

The Surrogate Is the Biological Mother

CACRM surrogates are gestational carriers, also called gestational surrogates, meaning they carry a baby but do not contribute their genetic material (oocytes) to create the embryos transferred to their uterus. Intended parents either use the mother’s eggs or that of an egg donor. Even though the baby will be supported by the surrogate’s placenta, the baby will not inherit the surrogate mother’s blood type.

Some confuse traditional surrogacy with gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy, via intrauterine insemination with the surrogate’s egg, was used before IVF became prevalent. Many remember the controversy surrounding Baby M, caught in a custody dispute between a traditional surrogate and intended parents.

In the 1980s, this case prompted a shift to gestational surrogacy as the accepted form of surrogacy and the most legally viable today. Most U.S. surrogacy physicians provide surrogacy services exclusively because of the potentially complex legal and emotional issues. However, less than half of infertility physicians perform in vitro fertilization and surrogacy regularly and successfully.

The Surrogate Will Become too Emotionally Attached to the Baby

Surrogates are women who have delivered at least one full-term baby without complications and are raising at least one child. They may be finished having their own children but enjoy being pregnant.  CACRM’s surrogates desire to become pregnant through surrogacy to help someone else have a baby, not to have their own. They also want to form a trustworthy relationship with the intended parents and are motivated by that desire to help someone have their family.

Carrier candidates undergo an extensive psychological evaluation, including a clinical interview and testing, so we can determine their reasons for becoming gestational carriers. Our experienced surrogacy psychologists manage this assessment and pass the most appropriate women utilizing the ASRM guidelines for acceptance into the surrogacy program.

CACRM surrogacy case managers and Dr. Arnold screen, select and match surrogates and intended parents who are compatible with each other and who agree on important issues such as prenatal care, communication styles, and other preferences. Our goal is to create a positive and meaningful journey for both parties.

Gestational surrogates look forward to the delivery and birth and giving the baby to the Intended parent (s). Many gestational surrogates have formed deep and long-term relationships with their intended parents and family, while others have fond memories of their journey.

It Is Easy to Become a Surrogate

It is NOT EASY to become a surrogate at CACRM!

Applicants undergo a rigorous screening, evaluation, matching, and selection process. They provide extensive information, including medical records, if they fulfill the initial requirements. They participate in written and oral assessments and interviews. We educate surrogates that treatment can take a long time and involve failures and challenges. We select women who understand and are prepared for the ups and downs of the surrogacy journey.

If you are selected and matched, you should be proud. It is an accomplishment to join the CACRM Surrogacy Sisterhood. If you are an Intended Parent, you will appreciate the attention to detail that the CACRM provides for your entire journey until your baby is in your arms!

For more information on becoming a surrogate or getting the help of a surrogate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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