Intended Parents: Surrogacy can make your dream of parenthood come true

At CACRM, we assist those in need of third-party reproductive services with our unique doctor-driven Surrogacy Program.

Unlike the traditional agency model, our surrogates are thoroughly evaluated for physical, mental and emotional health by our in-house physicians before they are ever presented to you.

We maintain a considerable database of available surrogate mothers to ensure you are matched with the healthiest surrogate possible. Our commitment to knowing the special qualities of each and every one of our surrogates and Intended Parents means we can provide you with the best surrogate match to get you to your dream of a family without delay.

Our all-inclusive approach to surrogacy means that we will be with you from the very start of your journey all the way to the birth of your baby. Our surrogacy program also includes assistance with birth certificates and passports if needed.

Required Evaluations for Surrogates

MEDICAL: All Surrogates, Sperm or Egg Donors are screened to the most recent guidelines recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

The growing fetus should have a healthy environment. At CACRM, we require that the Surrogate’s History and Physical Exam is completely normal. We perform an ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries which must appear normal. The Surrogate is required to have a normal evaluation of her uterus with an In-Office hysteroscopy, which is performed with a very small telescope that actually shows the inside of the uterine cavity where the embryos will be placed.

The required Laboratory evaluation includes all prenatal evaluation and an Infectious Disease panel. Also, the Surrogate must be current vaccination or immunity for Rubella and Varicella as either virus may cause birth defects if contacted during pregnancy.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Our in-house psychologist performs a thorough evaluation of the Surrogate for any mental health issues and to make sure there is no underlying psychopathology. The Surrogate is also evaluated for her capacity to trust, empathize, respect and bond with the intended parents. One of the most important aspects is for the Surrogate to be psychologically stability and to have a good support system. If she is married, we evaluate the stability of the marriage.

Psychological clearance of the Surrogate is required before legal contracts or medical treatment may be started.


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