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March 14, 2022
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Important Surrogacy Terms
October 9, 2022
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Are You Ready To Become A Gestational Surrogate?

Factors that indicate you are ready to become a gestational surrogate

It often takes surrogate candidates some time before they feel ready to apply to our in-house surrogacy agency and proceed to be matched with intended parents.

Applicants should conduct their ‘due diligence about providers and thoroughly research the surrogacy process. Becoming a gestational carrier is a significant decision and a major time commitment. Your choice to become a surrogate affects you and your family members. Being prepared will ensure a more successful journey.

In evaluating your application, our surrogate staff members want to ensure you are physically, emotionally, and financially ready for CACRM’s physician-directed surrogacy program. We look at these indicators as signs that you are ready to start your surrogacy process.

Finished having your own children

You have decided you are done having your own children, yet love pregnancy and feel you could help prospective parents have a baby. Every pregnancy has potential risks, so CACRM wants to make sure you understand these risks and have also spoken with your OB/GYN before embarking on this process.

Done with breastfeeding

We require that you have finished breastfeeding your child, including the weaning process. Surrogates take hormone medications that will regulate their menstrual cycles and might affect the quality and quantity of their milk, so you should be certain you are ready to stop nursing.

Your partner is on board

You have discussed surrogacy with your spouse or partner. You both are on the same page and agree that surrogacy is right for your family. You have thought about how surrogacy will affect your work and personal life and have made arrangements for any challenges you could encounter through IVF and pregnancy.

A partner or family member supporting your decision to pursue surrogacy is an important indication that you are ready to move forward.

Have a support system

Along with a supportive partner or family member, it also is essential to have a support system of friends and possibly other surrogate mothers who can help when challenges arise, especially during pregnancy.

In addition to your partner or family, do you have a network of people who can help care for your younger children while you attend medical appointments or if the doctor orders you to be on bed rest if it is medically necessary? A reliable group of individuals to assist you in a pinch is essential.

Financially prepared to become a gestational surrogate

Gestational surrogates are compensated generously for their time and effort in helping to create a family for intended parents. Surrogates may use this compensation to supplement their income or for special purchases, i.e., house down payment, education, or vacations. Surrogates need to be financially independent and not need to use their benefits package for everyday expenses.

Once you are ready to apply to be a surrogate, the CACRM surrogacy staff is ready to help you and answer all your questions. Please contact us at

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