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May 22, 2017
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Intended Parents Testimonial

 Intended Parents Testimonial


TEXT: What is your story?

MAN: I would say we started…so this one is natural. We had, probably, I don’t know if we would say trouble with the first.

WOMAN: Yeah, two and a half years.

MAN: Yeah, I guess we did have some trouble then. Two and a half years.

WOMAN: [laughs]

MAN: And, I don’t know when we made the decision to come here.

WOMAN: I’ll tell it. I’ll tell this one. So with her it was two and a half years and I’m very natural. Like natural everything. Like, you know, natural remedies. So, we went to acupuncture after we had been trying for her for like maybe a year and a half. And did herbs and all that, and actually ended up eventually getting pregnant. And then, and so that was great, it was natural. And with him, it was taking…I mean we had been trying for over a year and going to acupuncture and doing the same thing. Actually, it was probably a year and a half. And my acupuncturist was like ‘Why don’t you go…you need to see Doctor Arnold. She’s the best!”

MAN: I would say from a guy’s perspective, I had no idea what IVF was. I didn’t know anything about it, except the fact that we had some friends who went through that process. But, all I knew about IVF was that you had a high likelihood for twins, that’s it. And there is a transfer of something, and it was for people who had trouble getting pregnant. So, I guess leading up to it, I wasn’t…I don’t know…cautious or concerned, but I was…just…I didn’t know what to expect. And, coming here, what they did a good job with is explaining the whole process; how it’s going to work, what to expect from just…how this…how its…from a both financial point of view, because this is…it can get expensive. So what to expect, upfront, from a financial point of view, and then what to expect in terms of the steps that we are going to be going through, from start to finish. And, I know it is a lot more nerve racking on her end, because of what they go through in terms of the shots and…just the emotion of if it’s going to work. But, I would say everything was pretty smooth from…And we were fortunate that it worked the first time through. But, I would say it was a really good process overall.

TEXT: Why did you come to Dr [sic] Arnold?

WOMAN: My acupuncturist and my OBGYN both…she…they were like ‘She’s the best in the business. You got to go to her. Her success rates are amazing.’ I did a lot of research. I’m a “Google-er”, so I literally Google everything, and she’s the best. She’s always…her success…the success rates were really high. And, also the other thing is my acupuncturist has worked a lot with her, and…you know…I think when you think of doctors you think that they don’t really agree with the natural…its like Eastern and Western medicine. And so, for me, going to somebody who also believes in having some of that mixed into it…the acupuncture, you know…she…she…Doctor Arnold, you know, she, really believes in using the acupuncture with it, and, that sort of thing. So that for me was like okay, you know, I definitely should…we should definitely check her out, because she does believe in that stuff also. So, that was a huge thing for me…and referrals, totally.

TEXT: What was your impression of CACRM after your first consult?

WOMAN: It was amazing! Even after the first one, I mean just sitting down and talking with Doctor Arnold, she is just so knowledgeable about everything. And then, another big thing for me was she didn’t go straight to IVF. It wasn’t like ‘Oh, you need to do IVF right away.’ It was like, ‘Okay, let’s run some tests, let’s see what our other options are before we go, you know, balls to the wall with IVF, like the most expensive thing.’ So, that was another big thing too. She wanted to explore everything before that. So, that was a really great impression to leave on us.

MAN: I would say she’s honest. I mean, she’s no fluff. Like, this is going to work…straight up, telling you how it…how it’s going to work, their process for doing that, and then the chances for it working or not working. And then, if it’s not going to work…the backup plan. ‘So, if this doesn’t work, don’t worry, we’ll do this and we’ll do this route.’ So, you left feeling comfortable, regardless of what happened about what…what’s to come.

WOMAN: Uh-huh.

TEXT: What was your experience like during your treatment cycle?

MAN: Gnarly! [laughs]

WOMAN: Super…It was intense. It was intense, but, honestly, going through it and getting him after, I was like why didn’t we do this earlier. Like why did we keep waiting and keep putting it off. And I just don’t understand why we didn’t do it earlier. But, yeah, it was a lot, and luckily…I mean, luckily we both…I work from home, and so does he, so…You really have to give a lot. It’s a lot of time, but, it’s…you know, a lot of…like labs…like, when you get to the end, you’re doing labs like every day or every other day…you know, stuff like that…and the shots. It’s a really big commitment, but, I mean, its like…look at him…its worth it.

MAN: It helped her get over her fear of needles.

WOMAN: Oh yeah, it did! [laughs]

MAN: That’s for sure.

WOMAN: And honestly, they’re the tiniest little needles. So it’s fine. Except for the butt shots…the Progesterone shots are kind of…[inaudible].

MAN: I’ll tell you, what you look forward to the most is that call after each step telling you if it passed.

WOMAN: Yeah!

MAN: And getting that call, and saying everything is good. That was pretty cool.

WOMAN: Yeah! Uh-huh!

MAN: But yeah, it’s…what, it’s three months of…

WOMAN: No…Yeah…you know…Yeah. It just…it just kind of depends. There’s different protocols for…But, you know, it’s not all sunshine though…at all.

MAN: Yeah.

WOMAN: But it’s worth it. You do what you gotta do.

MAN: I’d say it’s very emotional, but trust Doctor Arnold in what they’re doing.

TEXT: If you were to recommend CACRM to your best friend [sic] what would you say?

MAN: I think you did.

WOMAN: I actually have: [laughs]

MAN: So what’d you say to her?

WOMAN: And one is pregnant and one is, I think, starting the process. They…I said…I mean…it’s just…it’s not even Doctor Arnold, it’s the entire staff…and that’s what does it. I mean…you can’t…I mean, you can like the doctor, that’s great, but you have to really get along with everybody, and everybody has to be nice and welcoming. And it’s really the entire staff, because you’re working so closely with everybody here. You’re not just working with the doctor, you’re working with everyone. So, the staff is amazing and…I just…I don’t know…I told her that…I just told her everything that…the success rates, the staff…I mean…it was easy. It was an easy referral. And I will referral…I will seriously refer anybody to this office. Always. I always am.

MAN: I would say that the main goal of IVF is to get pregnant, and she has the highest success rate. You couple that with everyone being nice, welcoming; and it kind of creates an overall good process.

TEXT: What was the best experience at CACRM and why?

WOMAN: Everything!

MAN: Best experience? You know…Pregnant! It worked!

WOMAN: Yeah! Yeah! That’s true!

MAN: When did we get that call? I think we were at the beach. We always went to the beach the day that we…because we did it in the summer. We always went to the beach the day we were getting a call.

WOMAN: Yeah.

MAN: So if it didn’t work, hey, we’re at the beach, it could be worse.

WOMAN: Yeah, looking at the ocean.

MAN: But, that was the best part…by far.

WOMAN: It really…Yeah…It was! Getting the phone call from Doctor Arnold. And like, a lot of the staff was in the office, and it was really nice getting that call. But, I mean…everything…it’s just everything though…I honestly…we’re gonna probably be back in a couple months to do another one because we have a bunch of embryos, so why not, you know. [laughs] And I can’t wait to come back to this. I can’t wait to see everybody all the time again. It’s like you just develop this relationship with them. And it’s been sad because I haven’t seen anybody in so long because of the pregnancy, and he’s six months now. So, we can’t wait to come back.


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