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Preimplantation Genetic Testing – Is It an Option for You?
April 8, 2019
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10 Things to Ask A Fertility Specialist
April 30, 2019
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National Infertility Awareness Week

National Infertility Awareness Week

We as a society don’t speak about miscarriage or infertility as openly as we should. Unfortunately, this leaves 1 in 8 couples—nearly 12 percent of all married couples—struggling in silence. They spend countless hours searching online forums and fertility websites for answers to their specific issues. And, they expend an immeasurable amount of energy keeping up appearances for friends and loved ones, without truly understanding why their infertility needs to be a secret. National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) aims to change all of that.

What is National Infertility Awareness Week?

NIAW is a collaborative effort on the part of the millions of men and women diagnosed with infertility and the nation’s medical, mental health, family building experts, and policymakers to destigmatize and raise awareness about infertility.

Why do we need National Infertility Awareness Week?

NIAW is needed to spread awareness of infertility to the general public. With infertility affecting 1 in 8 couples, it’s very likely that someone knows at least one person who is struggling with infertility. When everyone understands infertility a little bit better, those experiencing infertility may feel more comfortable speaking about their issues.

How can you help support National Infertility Awareness Week?

Whether you’re a part of an organized group or not, there are plenty of things you can do to support NIAW as well as your friends and loved ones who might be struggling in silence, including:

  • Talk about your infertility experience with friends and family
  • Start a fertility blog
  • Write to your representatives in Congress and ask them to support NIAW
  • Post a FB status or tweet about infertility awareness
  • Give, fundraise or become a corporate partner

What you need to know if you’re struggling to start a family

California Center for Reproductive Medicine (CACRM) wants everyone who is struggling with infertility to know they have a home here. Our double board-certified fertility doctor, Lori. L. Arnold, MD, FACOG, has helped thousands of couples achieve pregnancy through personalized, innovative treatments. If you’ve been trying to conceive for 12 consecutive months (6 consecutive months for women over the age of 35), don’t delay getting the help you need. If you’ve experienced 2 or more miscarriages, you should also get an evaluation. CACRM offers a full array of fertility diagnosis and assisted reproductive technologies to help you have the baby of your dreams.  Also, CACRM offers compassionate IVF treatments and a world-class surrogacy program in San Diego.

Please call CACRM at 760-274-2000 to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation.

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